Farewell Party for Becci

This afternoon the children at Zonnebloem Cottage had a farewell party for Becci who returns to Stuttgart, Germany tomorrow. I treated everyone to chocolate cake and we played games and spent time enjoying each other’s company. Becci brought several bottles of bubbles and the children had good fun blowing and chasing them in the garden and playing with balloons. We’ve had some rain over the past week but the playground was dry and Becci and I played with Jackie, Viola, and Gurshwyn on the swings and slide. We also skipped rope with Viola – interesting… Some girls from the school next door saw the bubbles floating in the sky and joined in the fun from the other side of the fence.

The older boys, Marlin, JJ, and Omari played Soccer with Keegan, a young South African boy who volunteers and spends time with the children almost every day. I was able to get photos of everyone except JJ and Keegan.

We’re all very sad to see Becci leave. She recently graduated from college and we wish her well job hunting in Germany. I invited her to come for a visit in Oregon.

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