Servas International

Many Faces of Servas
Many Faces of Servas
Understanding, Tolerance, World Peace

Servas International is a non-governmental organization run by volunteers in over 100 countries. Founded in 1949, the non-profit organization works to build understanding, world peace, and tolerance. Servas operates through a network of hosts opening their homes to travelers wanting to explore and understand the culture of the countries they visit.

Servas International has consultative status as a non-governmental organization with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. There are over 13,000 Servas hosts throughout almost every country in the world.Servas Logo

Message Servas International Executive Committee

“In times of global unrest, it’s important that as many as possible have first-hand experience of communicating on real issues with people from other cultures. We share the concern that human obligations and rights must be respected by all, and we wholeheartedly support the efforts of organizations like the Red Cross and Amnesty International in monitoring the respect of human rights in a neutral way, independent of partisan politics and of prejudices.”

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