South African Local Elections May 18th 2011

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – South African History Online

On May 18th South Africans will vote in local government elections. Last Monday Nelson Mandela cast an early vote in Johannesburg and the former South African president was reported to be looking “healthy and handsome“. He’s 92 years old and much-loved and respected throughout his country.

ANC Logo

Local newspapers report that the elections are “a test of voter patience with the dominant African National Congress (ANC) party, which is increasingly criticized for its failures to provide basic services and for poor management, particularly at the local level”. Recently the government revealed reports of “widespread corruption, waste, and incompetence”.

Democratic Alliance Logo – The Africa Liberal Network

Few South Africans expect a dramatic swing away from the ANC, but some think the elections will provide an opportunity for voters to demonstrate disenchantment with their performance. The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party may benefit from growing dissatisfaction with the ANC.

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