Prague Alternative Walking Tour

Sculpting Alternative Area Central Prague

Yesterday I learned about Alternative Prague during a four-hour walking tour through several neighborhoods in the city! It was a small friendly group of 7 – three Americans, two Israelis, and two Australians. Our excellent guide Eliska, from Prague Alternative Tours, enlightened us on many aspects of Czech Alternative Culture and life in Prague.

Sculpting Cross Club

Eliska discussed the art, music, and theater scenes, Prague gentrification, and the vast impact of the 1968 Soviet Invasion on the Czech people and almost every aspect of their lives. She encouraged us to learn some Czech words – a difficult language, but I’m resolved to try harder and learn a few key phrases.

Clock and Spires Along the Alternative Walk Route

1968 Soviet Invasion

“The Soviet invasion successfully stopped Alexander Dubček and the Prague Spring liberalisation reforms and strengthened the authoritarian wing within the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ). During this era, the foreign policy of the Soviet Union was known as the Brezhnev Doctrine.”

Lennon Wall

Even today, the painful effects of the brutal Soviet invasion are still reflected in Czech culture. Some aspects of which (including religion) many Czechs do not discuss openly.

Warehouse Café Wall


Having lived in San Francisco for many years, I’ve seen quality street art, but parts of Prague have interesting graffiti, and the city is beginning to accept and appreciate this developing form of urban art. The Lennon Wall has “John Lennon-inspired graffiti and fragments of lyrics from Beatles songs”.

Anyone can paint a message or drawing on the Lennon Wall which is near Charles Bridge in an area where the government allows graffiti, even though it’s not officially “legal”. Graffiti is prohibited on historical buildings, businesses, and private residences. The punishment for graffiti writing on these structures is a fine the first time and prison for subsequent offenses.

Fence Around Community Garden Central Prague

Galleries, Markets, Cafés, and Theaters

We toured alternative galleries, pubs, flea markets, and cafés that are part of the youth scene in Prague and learned about alternative festivals, theaters, and live music venues – more than I will ever have time to visit during this trip! I took mental notes and am planning to visit a few theaters and galleries where “older people” might blend ;o) with the crowd… What motivates today’s youth is interesting.

Pretty Pink Building

Another Beautiful Building…

Another Spire

Abandoned Building

Another place of interest is Dox Gallery. “The gallery’s mission is creating a space for research, presentation, and debate on important social issues, where visual arts, literature, performing arts, and other disciplines encourage a critical view of the so-called reality of today’s world.”

Theater Marquee

The Jatka78 Theater also sounds interesting as does the Prague Shakespeare Company, Blood Love and Rhetoric Theater, and the Beroun Pottery Market – many things to see!!!

Sign Modern Soviet Developed Shopping Building


I plan to visit MeetFactory, “a non-profit international center for contemporary art founded by controversial Czech artist David Černý”. Floods in 2002 forced MeetFactory to move from the Holešovice district to an industrial building in Prague’s Smíchov quarters. MeetFactory is described as a “unique space squeezed between a motorway and an active railroad”.

MeetFactory Graffiti

Czech Artist David Černy

Ztohoven Activist Collective

Eliska told us about Ztohoven, an active resistance group described as a “Czech guerrilla artist collective known for its artistically motivated pranks”. To protest controversial Czech President Miloš Zeman, labeled a populist, “Ztohoven breached security at Prague Castle in 2014 and replaced a flag containing the Presidential Seal with a huge pair of men’s red underwear”.

Meet Factory

The Ztohoven activists “chose red boxers because it’s the color of the Chinese flag, referring to Zeman’s visit to China and his praise of Chinese leaders”. Ztohoven is well-known for its social commentary and crypto anarchy, most famously for hacking a Czech state broadcaster in 2007 to show a fake nuclear explosion. The purpose of the hacking was to illustrate how it’s unwise to place blind trust in media information.

Alternative Tour Group and Guide Eliska at Cross Club

Cross Club

We ended our tour at the Cross Club, named for “housing a crossroads of cultures and styles and genres in the centre of Holešovice”. Respected Cross Club has been a part of the Prague cultural scene for years. “Its fascinating futuristic design, with many unusual artefacts, has given the club a unique identity.”

Cross Club Art

Cross Club Prague

Photos from the tour are attached. Více později…

8 thoughts on “Prague Alternative Walking Tour

    • Yes it was fantastic but really made me feel like an ol’ fart!!!!! :( It’s challenging keeping up with the younger generations and our sweet guide (an ancient 31) said it was very, very difficult to be included in the Prague inner sanctum of alternative artists! Also most of them (really young ones) are totally uninterested in politics – slightly scary as the current president is running again!3

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s interesting. Usually the young people I have come across in Europe are much more politically aware and active than “we” are (and I guess I am including Americans in that generalisation). Dubcek figured in one of my stories. It’s still hiding on my laptop.


      • This is an interesting short article on the “passivity” of Czech youth The article is supposedly about “activists” and was written before the 2013 election. Our guide mentioned young people who currently have no interest at all in politics and didn’t even bother to vote…. Maybe it’s because they didn’t experience the Soviet invasion? In South Africa the “born free” generation is also an interesting study. Personally, I’m so weary of politics in the US I can’t bear reading electronic newspapers – they’re too upsetting! There’s such vitriol and division between and within the right and left and zero common ground. As you probably know there are also many racist groups in the Czech Republic, especially in the more rural areas. The Millennial generation in America is progressive but you saw what happened in the election! Guess there will never be a perfect world ;o(! It will be interesting to experience what’s happening in Istanbul!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I had a look at the summary and will download the pdf. My FB feed today included Trump’s Quote: “No politician in history — and I say this with great surety — has been treated worse or more unfairly” . . . laid over a picture of Nelson Mandela on Robben Island. And last night’s Australian news broke the story of a major tax fraud perpetrated by the son of our Assistant Commissioner of Taxation. I think we have all had enough of these ridiculous political situations. What’s the alternative?


      • I don’t know Gwen but glad to hear others are concerned. Oregon and Washington are radically left progressive states – even more so than California and angry / heartbroken that Bernie Sanders didn’t become president. Although I agree with most of their political philosophy, people have gone off the deep end since Trump’s election – to the point they attacked protesters on his side – literally. I’m wondering what they propose for any person(s) not in line with their liberal concepts – murder, imprisonment, frontal lobotomies all around, banishment from the country? The east and west coast are of a different ilk than the rest of the country. Intolerance and insistence that ideas out of line with theirs are incorrect and could not possibly be considered are scary and I’m so tired of the demonstrations and people lecturing if you chose not to participate. My activist days are long gone!!! On the other hand not sure South Africa is a permanent alternative either…. What to do?

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      • My Australian friend who lives in Texas is here at the moment. With any luck we’ll catch up next week. She campaigned for Hilary Clinton. It will be interesting to hear what is happening in her part of the US.


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