Oregon Ice Storm 2016

Mother Nature had her way with Oregon this week, as plunging temperatures and freezing rain delivered havoc with an onslaught of fallen trees and damaged power lines. We love our trees, but they come with a price. Beautiful icy vistas were the unexpected outcome of the treacherous weather!

My area in the southwest hills was without power long enough to get everyone’s attention. The severe cold coupled with the sound of falling branches and cracking, splitting tree trunks continues. Temperatures remain in the 20s – 30s as we listen to the sound of occasional thawing icicles falling on the roof. It’s unnerving being surrounded by frozen, skyscraper-sized trees bending low with a heavy coating of ice.

Side of House
Side of House

I ventured out yesterday and delighted in the beauty of dramatic skies and sunshine casting a halo-like glow on the ice-laden trees! It was like being inside a snow globe or magnificent ice palace. Too dangerous to stop for photos while driving, I managed to photograph a favorite area near my home – photography doesn’t capture the magnificent show!

Cleanup begins as soon as things thaw out a bit. So far, my roof and skylights have survived unscathed but maybe it’s too early to say. Can’t help thinking about the beautiful beaches and warm summer weather back in Cape Town!


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