Claudia Svetliza Artista Buenos Aires

Claudia Svetliza Dancers

Claudia Svetliza Dancers

After checking out several street fairs, including San Telmo and Retiro, I found paintings in Recoleta at Plaza Francia. Along with paintings from Peru and Chile, they will be great additions to my home gallery!

Artist Claudia Svetliza started selling her paintings at Plaza Francia 15 years ago. After a divorce she needed to support herself and learned to paint.

I bought two of her paintings. One is a street scene in San Telmo – Café Viejo Almacén (Old Warehouse). Café Almacén is a famous traditional tango parlor. It’s in the historical area of San Telmo on a corner that “harbors the soul of the mysterious city of Buenos Aires“.

Claudia Svetliza Bandoneón Player

Claudia Svetliza Bandoneón Player

The history of Almacén goes back to 1933 when a Russian woman nicknamed “La Volga” turned the building into a tango bar frequented by sailors. Argentine singer Edmundo Rivero started his career at Almacén.

Another of Claudia’s paintings is of two elegant tango dancers. I also found a beautiful pen and ink of a bandoneón player. The artist spoke zero English and he didn’t understand my Spanish, so there’s no background info. It’s a lovely piece with gorgeous detail and will be a joy to look at every day.

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