Dancing House Prague Czech Republic

By Vltava River

Dancing House
Dancing House

The Nationale-Nederlanden building – referred to as the “Dancing House” – is a spectacular modern glass building set amidst Prague’s historic Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. Situated in New Town along the Vltava River the Dancing House is near Jirásek Bridge.

Jirásek Bridge
Jirásek Bridge

Built in the mid-1990s it has “daring, curvy outlines, which led its architects, Vlado Milunc and Frank O Gehry, to initially name it the ‘Astaire and Rogers Building’ after the legendary dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The glass tower – Ginger – bends and clings to the concrete tower – Fred – which has a metal cupola on the top, representing hair”.

Jirásek Bridge
Jirásek Bridge River Vltava

With another hot August day in Prague, I decided to spend a few hours walking along the river and passed by many wonderful sights, including the Dancing House. I stopped for lunch at a Spanish restaurant, La Terrassa. Sheltered from the blazing summer sun, La Terrassa is close to the water with great views of the River Vltava. Prague is a beautiful yet comfortable city and I’m cherishing the time here.

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