Photo Memories České Budějovice

Too bad that just as you begin to get comfortable and develop an understanding of a place it’s time to pack up and leave… České Budějovice (bode-a-vits-ka) has been one of the more difficult places for me on this trip – the language barrier was unexpected.

I’ve traveled to many countries and even compared to Vietnam and Turkey this small Czech town was a challenge. I often do volunteer work during long trips but decided not to this time. It might have been a better way to integrate into the local culture.

After several months of travel I needed to stay in one place for a while and regroup. České Budějovice seemed a good choice. Now that it’s time to leave, I’m feeling sad about saying goodbye.

Will miss my favorite things and places –  cafés, restaurants, parks, cobbled streets, markets, fountains, cathedrals, outdoor music concerts in the square, Sunday afternoon walks along the river, the train station which was intimidating at first, and of course the people. People I haven’t been able to communicate with verbally to any depth but who recognize me and I recognize them and now we greet each other.

The last few days we’ve had some dramatic weather. The 90 degree heat created thunderstorms. For three days the mornings have started out crystal clear and then dark ominous clouds gather as afternoon approaches. Around 6:00 pm the winds pick up and the skies erupt with a torrential downpour that drenches everything for a few hours. The storms are interesting and the thunder, lightening, and rain help clear your mind as well as the air.

These are a few photo memories of this beautiful Czech town. I will miss the unique and breathtaking sights and leave with many wonderful memories.