Kep Cambodia

In two days I head for Kep also known as “Cambodia’s forgotten beach resort“.  It’s one of the country’s best kept (pardon pun) secrets and frequented by locals (more than tourists) as a popular picnic area. Crab Market sells freshly caught seafood – prawns, crab, squid, fish – from wooden waterfront shacks along the sea.

The fishermen fish near Rabbit Island just a short distance off the coast while fishmongers sell their bounty at the market and hawkers peddle souvenirs and exotic snacks like sticky rice and coconut wrapped in banana leaves.

Shore Road exhibits the pre Khmer Rouge ruins of many French colonial holiday homes – “left from Kep’s glory days” – and a villa that King Norodom Siahnouk used on weekends.  I will write more about this village from Kep.

Last evening I was thinking about Phnom Penh – have grown very fond of the city and the friendly people – and came up with lists of what will and won’t be missed.

Will Miss:

  • Warm, friendly Cambodians
  • Tropical rainstorms
  • Sunsets and rises
  • Palm trees, orchids, tropical vegetation
  • French cooking
  • Birds – especially morning songs
  • Continuous motion of the busy city
  • Sun hats and umbrellas
  • Limes, mangoes, passion fruit, litchi, pineapple, bananas
  • Monks dressed in bright saffron-colored robes
  • Cute children
  • Lighted boats along the river boardwalk at night
  • Pagodas and temples
  • Markets
  • Smell of incense in the air
  • Motorcycles
  • Buddhist flute players
  • Blue Lime swimming pool
  • Salads and frozen lemon / lime mint drink from Friends restaurant
  • Khmer massages

Won’t Miss:

  • Tuk-tuk drivers calling me “Madame”
  • Khmer food
  • Pretending to understand Cambodian English
  • Old fat white men with tiny young Asian girls
  • Emaciated street dogs and cats
  • Street children
  • Bumpy tuk-tuk rides
  • Mosquitoes
  • Barking dogs
  • Getting lost
  • Dust

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