Christchurch New Zealand to Bangkok Thailand

Christchurch Airport

The trip from Christchurch to Bangkok was uneventful…  The first flight was short – Christchurch to Sydney.  Then it was on from Sydney to Bangkok (arriving about 1:00 a.m.) with a 13 hour layover before a flight to Phnom Penh this afternoon.  I will likely pass back through Thailand on my way home in January or February 2012. Impression from the few hours spent there was that Bangkok has a mellow, comfortable atmosphere and the Thai people are very sweet – liked it!

The airline for the flights from Christchurch to Bangkok was Emirates and they have a very strict baggage allowance – total of 30 kgs (66 lbs) not one ounce more.  That becomes a challenge when you start out in the US with two pieces of baggage at 45 lbs each.  The amount Emirates charges for each kg over the 30 kg limit is terrifying.  I went through both pieces of luggage and dumped what I could,  but when you go from cold to hot weather it’s difficult to travel light.

Phnom Penh Airport

Even after my weight elimination exercise – still about 10 lbs. over the 66 lb limit and terrified of what they would charge.  Figured I could just start tossing things on the spot if necessary.  I stepped up to the check-in counter, handed over my passport and e-ticket, put the two pieces of luggage on the scale, smiled,  and took a deep breath.  The agent seemed to take a long time checking my details and issuing the boarding pass and I imagined she was going to say I had to pay a gazillion dollars in excess baggage fees – scream – but she said nothing except ‘have a nice flight’.  I almost skipped away!  Saved again from excess baggage drama and tragedy…  Please don’t let telling about it in this blog create a payback on the next flight!

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

The diversity at Sydney Airport was fantastic with many interesting travellers and everyone was pleasant and friendly.  I sat next to a young Aussie who was on his way to Dubai.  There were several babies on board but all very calm and well-behaved – probably experienced travellers.

Happy and off now to catch the Air France flight that takes me to Phnom Penh this afternoon!

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