South African Fashion

Kluk Design

What to say about South African fashion? Even though I’ve never thought of myself as overweight, the first words that come to mind are “lose 20 lbs”… Just the few hotter days we’ve had in the high 70s and low 80s sent me shopping for some cooler light-weight things that I can wear in Cambodia and Vietnam as well.

Chantal Couture

South African women of all ages, races, and economic groups are mostly fit, glamorous, and immaculately groomed and dressed – a little intimidating. Many of the younger women dress provocatively (my definition) but when you’re young and svelte you can get away with it. The fashion is definitely more Mediterranean / Continental than you find living in northern California and Oregon on the US West Coast.

Gert Van De Merwe

I found a few boutiques and places to go if I need a party dress – shopping is pure girly fun here, even if you don’t end up buying anything. Not sure I can see myself wearing some of the local fashions other places.

Elegant Elbeth Gillis –

Cape Town Fashion Week was July 3 – 16th – oops missed it. Seriously, there are many exciting new South African designers, and fashion is a big industry here! Names of note include André Croucamp, Chantal Couture, Elbith Gillis, Gert Van Der Merwe, and KLûK CGDT.

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