Artscape Theatre Centre Cape Town South Africa

Artscape Zebra Exhibit

The Artscape Centre opened in May 1971 as the Nico Malan Theatre. The name change was official in March 2001 and in line with the South African political dispensation program Artscape now belongs to the provincial administration.

“Since 1994 South African government policy changed dramatically. All performing arts boards were transformed to playhouses and the various arts companies had to become independent. Artscape launched on March 27, 1999 to replace the Cape Performing Arts Board (CAPAB) which was established in the early sixties. Today Artscape manages the theatre venues and provides essential technical and specialised services on a semi-commercial basis. The emphasis is on sustainable theatre practice, education, and development.”

Artscape has an opera house, theatre, and arena to house performances by the local philharmonic orchestra, city ballet, opera, and contemporary jazzart dance and theatre groups. I saw CATS performed at Artscape in January 2010 and it was fantastic!

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