Berlin’s Subway and Street Art

Subway Art

Berlin’s U-Bahn dates from 1902. Traveling though it’s a bit like visiting an art gallery. I’m learning the stations and during every outing discover something new.


Graffiti writing in the stations is illegal and considered an act of vandalism. It’s often removed by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) the public-law company for transportation. A secret subway bedroom was even discovered. Wasn’t able to caption all the photos or provide every artist’s name, but the images are descriptive!

Richard Wagner U-Bahn Station



Richard Wagner U-Bahn Station

Street Art

Street art is everywhere! Berlin Sidewalk describes some past and present projects.

French Artist Group CitéCréation

One Wall Project – Urban Nation

Addison Karl and James Bullough



Door Kreutzberg

Iranian Stencil Art Icv and Sot

Urban Nation – BMF - Paradox & Elle

One Wall Project – Nika Kramer

Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton American Graffiti Artist, Street Art Muralist, Illustrator and Toy Designer



Valparaiso Street Art

Street Art Utopia Photo

Street Art Utopia Photo

Valparaiso is known for its street art and honestly it’s spectacular! I’ve been taking photos but this article has some really good shots and snippets about the artists. If you like street art, check out Street Art Utopia’s website and Facebook page.

Cartagena Street Art

Old City Fruit Vendors

Old City Fruit Vendors

Yesterday was a long but interesting day. It began and ended with lots of walking and included a four-hour open bus tour around the city and peninsula. Our guide – Jairo – was knowledgeable and his love for Cartagena was clear but he spoke very fast and even with the loud bus speakers it was difficult understanding him.

There is much rich history here and I will need to do more research to gain a better understanding. Most of the other people on the bus were friendly Colombians on holiday. One of the other tourists was a young woman from Munich who spoke fluent Spanish but even she had trouble understanding the narrative. She’s leaving for Cali tomorrow and makes frequent trips to South America.

Another guest at my Bed & Breakfast is from Canada and has traveled extensively throughout South America. He gave me some pointers. His wonderful graphic descriptions of traveling through the high Andes were inspiring and definitely gave me something to look forward to!

Below are photos of some of the street art I saw during the outing yesterday. Still learning about the local artists and the symbolism of their work…. Cartagena is a lovely fascinating place! I’m acclimatizing slowly to the heat and humidity – life moves at a slow pace here.