Game of Thrones Walking Tour Dubrovnik Croatia

Minceta Tower –

For those who don’t already know, the US production company behind the Game of Thrones TV series “picked Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic – as the setting for the capital city of Westeros, King’s Landing”. It was an excellent choice for many reasons, not only Dubrovnik’s stunning medieval beauty.

Fort Lovrijenac –

Dubrovnik Old Town –

I don’t know if writer George R. R. Martin ever visited Dubrovnik, but it’s a shame if he didn’t since it’s undeniably the perfect setting for his novels. Filming of episodes also occurred in Ireland, Spain, and Malta.

Kolorina Bay – eyeenjoy


Ironically, Dubrovnik is a “capital city in its own right – of the now extinct Republic of Ragusa”.


Lokrum Island –

Medieval Walls of Dubrovnik –

Kolorina Bay – eyeenjoy

Have to admit I’ve only seen a few episodes of Game of Thrones – certainly not all seven seasons with Season 8 to begin in April 2019. As we walked, our guide showed us photos of some of the most memorable scene locations, including:

It was a clear, windy day and I was freezing – needed an extra layer. The sea breeze went right through my bones! Every day spent in Dubrovnik I fall more in love with its exquisite natural beauty. I’ve met other tourists and locals and am enjoying quiet, non-rushed time here. Croatians are welcoming and friendly. Now think I must read A Song of Ice and Fire Martin’s series of historical fiction novels – maybe

Jesuits Staircase Old Town Dubrovnik – Oddviser

Gradac Park Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik –

I arrived in Dubrovnik yesterday afternoon to clear skies and a Mediterranean climate warmer than Berlin but nippy at night. My apartment is in the hills overlooking Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast, Old Medieval City, and Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery

Getting anywhere requires climbing lots of stone steps. Although Old City and the Franciscan Monastery are less than a half mile away, it’s all downhill and then, you guessed it, up, up, up on the way back – good exercise.

Defense Walls Dubrovnik Medieval Fortress

In June 2013, I passed through Dubrovnik quickly on the way to Split, Zagreb, Rijeka, and Opǎtija – hectic and only a short day, not sure that counts as a “real visit“. Glad to have more quality time here, and it’s off-season so there aren’t many tourists.

Steps Old City Dubrovnik

I walked to Old City for dinner last night and then had the fun surprise of seeing the Gypsy Kings perform at Orlando’s Column right in the middle of everything!! I’ve long been a fan and to see them performing in such a spectacular outdoor setting was fantastic – love their music! There was a crowd but not overwhelming. Old Town has a beautiful Christmas Market and Winter Festival where the New Year celebration will take place tomorrow!

Dubrovnik from My Apartment

On the way back I forgot which steps took me down to Old City : o( and got lost in the dark. After a long day I ran out of energy, took the easy way out, and called Uber… My landlord, a former ballerina, is active in the community and has great pointers on hiking, tours, restaurants, and cultural activities. More later after I settle in a bit – it’s a huge change from Berlin! I’ll be in Dubrovnik through January.

Dubrovnik Croatia –

Gypsy Kings Performing at Orlando’s Column Old City