Beautiful Dalmatian Coast Croatia


Evening View from Studio Apartment

Dubrovnik and the Mediterranean climate here are so beautiful, I’m at a loss for words…. Still in orientation mode learning my way around and getting used to the steep hills and stone steps. Hopefully within a few days I’ll be moving faster. Today was slow and it’s noticeable that after the New Year celebration many tourists have departed.

At Medieval City Walls

Studio Apartment – Top Windows

My small apartment is cozy and private. Best of all it’s a great vantage point for sunrises and sunsets! The biggest problem is maintaining a healthy diet and finding restaurants and markets where I can eat or buy food to prepare. Markets were closed today. Almost all the restaurants serve delicious food, but many are super expensive. A happy medium is necessary and on an extended trip finding the right food takes time.

Old City

Old City Building

Tomorrow I’ll make plans for walking tours and more exploring. Montenegro and Bosnia are near. Day trips are easy and on the agenda.

Neighborhood House

Dubrovnik has a cable car – the only one on the Adriatic coast. The cable car runs between Old City and the peak of Mount Srdj. It doesn’t run as often in the winter, but I saw it running today, so it’s definitely on the list!



My photography doesn’t do the vistas justice, but a few photos of Old City and the surrounding neighborhood are attached. More later…

Local Mediterranean Vegetation

Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik –

I arrived in Dubrovnik yesterday afternoon to clear skies and a Mediterranean climate warmer than Berlin but nippy at night. My apartment is in the hills overlooking Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast, Old Medieval City, and Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery

Getting anywhere requires climbing lots of stone steps. Although Old City and the Franciscan Monastery are less than a half mile away, it’s all downhill and then, you guessed it, up, up, up on the way back – good exercise.

Defense Walls Dubrovnik Medieval Fortress

In June 2013, I passed through Dubrovnik quickly on the way to Split, Zagreb, Rijeka, and Opǎtija – hectic and only a short day, not sure that counts as a “real visit“. Glad to have more quality time here, and it’s off-season so there aren’t many tourists.

Steps Old City Dubrovnik

I walked to Old City for dinner last night and then had the fun surprise of seeing the Gypsy Kings perform at Orlando’s Column right in the middle of everything!! I’ve long been a fan and to see them performing in such a spectacular outdoor setting was fantastic – love their music! There was a crowd but not overwhelming. Old Town has a beautiful Christmas Market and Winter Festival where the New Year celebration will take place tomorrow!

Dubrovnik from My Apartment

On the way back I forgot which steps took me down to Old City : o( and got lost in the dark. After a long day I ran out of energy, took the easy way out, and called Uber… My landlord, a former ballerina, is active in the community and has great pointers on hiking, tours, restaurants, and cultural activities. More later after I settle in a bit – it’s a huge change from Berlin! I’ll be in Dubrovnik through January.

Dubrovnik Croatia –

Gypsy Kings Performing at Orlando’s Column Old City