Sea Kayaking Walker Bay South Africa

Walker Bay Adventures Guide Riaan – Launching and Landing Area

A special joy of South Africa is its extraordinary coastline. Experiencing it from a kayak is the best, but winter swells are often prohibitive. For about a week Walker Bay wasn’t safe for kayakers. This morning there was minimal swell and conditions were clear, crisp, and calm, so I joined a sea kayaking adventure.

Walker Bay – Xplorio

Our group of four explored the Hermanus coast and went a short distance out to sea. The day trip was uneventful in terms of whale sightings but a rich experience basking in the natural beauty of the area. During the peaceful outing we saw interesting plankton, entertaining Cape Fur Seals, Cormorants, Oystercatchers, and other marine life against a backdrop of misty Overberg Mountains and surf splashing on sea cliffs.

Located in Hermanus Old Harbour, Walker Bay Adventures is an ecologically friendly company. They leave little impact on the environment and participate in conservation, including litter cleanup in the Bay.

Walter Bay Adventures Kayak Launch Area

We used double sit-on-top self-bailing sea kayaks. They’re easy to maneuver for any level of kayaking experience and work well in Walker Bay. Your feet and legs get wet when launching and landing, but the experience is so pleasant it’s inconsequential. The small group included a couple visiting from Germany on their way up the Garden Route, and I shared a kayak with our happy, well-qualified guide, Riaan.

Walker Bay Adventures

Area Map –

The adventure was thoroughly enjoyable!

Zulu Valley of 1000 Hills South Africa

Valley of 1000 Hills

I got lost on the drive to Valley of 1000 Hills, but had a fun side trip in Kloof. The Valley of 1000 Hills is named for the cliffs rising above the Umgeni River as it flows from the Drakensberg Mountains to the Indian Ocean. The valley’s temperate climate is home to the Zulu People, colorful birds, wildebeest, impala, blesbok, zebra, and giraffe.

Zulu Wood Carving


“When Europeans arrived at the Port of Natal in 1825, the Valley of 1000 Hills was a remote area teeming with birds and game. Leopards occasionally spent the night on the veranda of the Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd. homestead in what is now the town of Kloof.”


Zulu Art

A wagon route opened between Durban and the Transvaal interior. After gold was discovered in the 1880s, a railway line was built to link the goldfields with Port Natal.

Isibindi Zulu Lodge

Zulus live in the Umgeni and Shongweni Valleys near the Inanda Dam. They maintain a traditional lifestyle and “their colourful ceremonies and expressive, artistic culture give the area a vibrant atmosphere and creative energy.”

Red-Billed Oxpeckers


African Black Oystercatcher

Kori Bustard

Southern Ground Hornbill

PheZulu Safari Park offers cultural shows and traditional Zulu dancing. Visitors can enjoy game drives, shop for local curios, or explore a crocodile / snake park.” If you do nothing but sip espresso at a café, views of the Valley are phenomenal!

Inanda Dam Umgeni River


Zulu villages in the Valley include hiking and mountain biking trails for visitors.


Zulu Woman in Traditional Clothes

Zulu BangleiSithumba is an authentic Zulu village in the Valley with a network of hiking and biking trails that allow visitors to explore the river, forests, and hills. I visited today and will return to hike in the uMngeni River and Nature Reserve between iSithumba and Inanda Dam.

Zulu Village

Birds were elusive, but I’ve attached some beautiful professional shots. It was an educational and enjoyable day!