4 Tons of Fun Aretha Franklin Tribute at Alexander Theatre Cape Town

I enjoyed a performance of Cape Town’s 4 Tons of Fun at Alexander Theatre last night. They paid tribute to the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin. Produced by Sthe Mfuphi, Soi Soi Gqeza, Bulelwa Sakayi, and Michelle Thomas, the show featured Aretha’s all-time favorites like “Respect,” “Natural Woman,” “Chain of Fools,” “A Deeper Love,” “Ain’t…

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Kunene and the King at Fugard Theatre Cape Town

Fugard Theatre’s production of Kunene and the King is masterful! Talented, seasoned actors gave powerful performances capturing the audience’s full attention. John Kani’s new play presents the deep pent-up emotions of South Africans before and after the end of apartheid twenty-five years ago. No holds barred, it gets to the heart of things. My first…

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Cape Town Comedy Club

During my time in Cape Town, I’m hiking easy to moderate Table Mountain trails and enjoying the Mother City’s performing arts community. There are a variety of unique and outstanding live performances available. Last night was my first visit to the Cape Town Comedy Club – a “dedicated comedy venue”. I had no idea what…

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I Capuleti E I Montecchi at Artscape Theatre Cape Town

Artscape Theatre is a favorite venue in Cape Town and last night I attended a performance of I Capuleti e i Montecchi – The Capulets and Montagues. In this creative production, Cape Town Opera (CTO) collaborates with the University of Cape Town (UCT) Opera School to present Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini’s work. It’s based on…

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Apple Face at Alexander Theatre Cape Town

“That which is seen, cannot be unseen; unless that which is seen was never seen in the first place. Or maybe it was seen, but not quite in the way it happened. If it even happened at all.” Plot Last night I saw Apple Face, a witty, avant-garde comedy written by Pierre Malherbe, directed by…

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Silkworm at Alexander Bar, Café and Theatre Cape Town

Taryn Bennett Actress – twitter

Silkworm is a one-person, award-winning theatrical performance exploring the “ordinary things that make life extraordinary”. Artists who can captivate their audience non-stop for a solid hour are amazing! Taryn Bennett does that in her portrayal of Georgina, a “gregarious and socially awkward” young woman “about to have the single most important day of her life” – revealed in the final moments of the show.

Alexander Bar, Café and Theatre Cape Town – Alexander Bar

During her performance, Bennett interacts with the audience. She uses “storytelling and clowning techniques borrowed from Florence Italy’s Helikos School of Theatre Creation”. The “whimsical” performance combines humor with stark reality and leaves a deep impact.

Jenine Collocott Director – ABOUT Contagious


“Did you know that silkworms only live for about a week? I think…. You can check that on Google.”  Georgina


Jenine Collocott Director

Silkworm – a Contagious Theatre production – is “conceived and directed by Jenine Collocott with additional dramaturgy by Nick Warren”. Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Contagious combines the talents of several “critically acclaimed theatre makers with long-time Fringe producers”.

Nick Warren – djnickwarren

“Jenine studied theatre creation at Helikos in Florence. Her production Making Mandela won the 2016 Naledi for Best Youth Production and was most recently selected as part of the Assitej World Congress Main Programme. Much of Collocott’s work has travelled internationally.”

Taryn Bennett – contagioustheatre.co.za


“Contagious produces independent fringe theatre that brings the creative freedom, simplicity, and energy of the festival circuit to mainstream audiences.”


Taryn Bennett – ABOUT Contagious

Taryn Bennett Actress

Taryn studied theatre at Rhodes University and has performed for TV, on stage, and at the National Arts Festival. Her critically acclaimed Silkworm performance won a 2018 Ovation Award. Recently Taryn’s performance in The Old Man and the Sea was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2018 Naledi Theatre Awards.

Making Mandela – Contagious Theatre


“Clowning is about spotting, understanding, and surpassing individual and/or collective difficulties with the help of clown resources and theatre interactivity”. Les aventures de Zippo le clown



Silkworm is “described as a dollop of humor and a touch of whimsy”. The theatrical production uses “clowning storytelling techniques”.

Taryn Bennett – alexanderbar.co.za

In Silkworm “the clown is influenced by the audience”. Members of the audience determine parts of the show and “no two shows are the same”. For the clown, “the audience is really there”. “There’s no fourth wall.”

Alexander Bar, Café & Theatre Cape Town – PlacesMap.net

Theatre Clowning is essentially an intuitive style of storytelling that’s quite naive yet super sophisticated. If a person is able to access the child within themselves, they will be taken on the journey with the clown.”

The Snow Goose – Knysna Arts Festival Contagious Theatre

Silkworm is a brilliant theater performance! It was a memorable evening!

Cape Town 2019

It’s fantastic being back in Cape Town! A location that stole my heart during the first visit in 1987. The beautiful coastal city is surrounded by incomparable Table Mountain. I arrived on May 2nd after a series of flights beginning in Catania Sicily and passing through Rome and Addis Ababa Ethiopia – including two plane…

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Exploring Malta

Malta is an extraordinary country with many hidden treasures! Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Archipelago is a world of its own – south of Sicily, east of Tunisia, east of the Strait of Gibraltar, and north of Alexandria Egypt! The three main islands are Malta, Gozo, and Comino. They’re rich…

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Noto – A Stone Garden in Sicily’s Valley of Baroque

Noto is another Sicilian town revered for spectacular Baroque architecture. I visited on Saturday. The Mediterranean has been stormy and weather was overcast and windy – not great for photography. Everything in the complex has unique symbolism and historical significance, I hoped to hire a local guide. Knowing the history and culture of countries makes…

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Modica Sicily

I’ve been relaxing in Pozzallo, content with long walks on the beach, uninspired to post on my travel blog or chase Sicilian attractions. Daylight hours are long (6:30 am – 8:30 pm) and April weather is mild. Like most Mediterranean coastal areas, Pozzallo’s wind is fierce and unpredictable with temperatures changing quickly. We’ve had a…

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Pozzallo Sicily

Pozzallo is a sleepy Sicilian seaside village on the Mediterranean – as “Italian / Sicilian” as you can get! I arrived Monday afternoon after flights from Belgrade to Munich and Munich to Catania followed by a 1.5-hour bus ride from Catania to Pozzallo. Each leg of the trip had unique challenges which I won’t belabor…

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