Opǎtija’s Villas

Villa BestThe Opǎtija Riviera is 25 miles of rocky coastline, lush parks, walking paths, beaches, and impeccably maintained villas. Some of the villas look like fancy pieces of cake.

During the 19th century Austro-Hungarian noblemen built villas in Opǎtija where they enjoyed the mild Mediterranean winters. The Opǎtija Riviera became known as the “Croatian Monte Carlo” and the architecture reflects the heritage of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Today, most of the villas are museums or hotels. The grandest are near lungomare, a famous seven-mile walking path along the seaside.lungo mare

Villa Best2“Before Opǎtija’s reconstruction in the 19th century its residents made their living fishing. In those days, pirate attacks along the Adriatic coast were frequent, so there were rules on how and where to build. The community grouped their houses together for protection from the uncertainty of the coast.”With Mainden and Seagull

“By the late 19th century Opǎtija was reconstructed. In 1844 a new period began when Hignio Scarpa, Rijeka’s patrician, built Villa Angiolina.”

I enjoy looking at the beautiful villas and discover a new one to admire every day.