Kep Cambodia Digressions

A few Cambodian digressions…

  • At Trei Restaurant – a favorite restaurant in Kep Crab Market – there is a bird of paradise flower on every table and they say the fresh jellyfish salad is delicious.
  • The soft pink-white pastel light after a sunset is magic and not to be missed – with the black-colored fishing boats and fishermen etched in the background it takes your breath away – my digital camera cannot capture it.
  • Cambodian dogs are definitely a breed of their own. Sweet but scrawny-looking mutts with hearts of gold.
  • Playing pool is a favorite family pastime in Kep and the children get into the game with some leaning back over the table making incredibly skillful shots – Minnesota Fats would be impressed!
  • Napkins, if you get them at all, are a tiny piece of paper more flimsy than a Kleenex – are you supposed to wipe your hands on your clothes?
  •  No matter what kind of cocktail or fruit drink you order, they all taste and look the same.
  • Cambodian mosquitoes are clever.  They don’t just come at you like African mosquitoes and by the time they are doing their damage you are fast asleep – faces are their favorite target. None of my hotels have had mosquito nets.
  • The abundant geckos are nimble no matter where they go – good thing they prefer the rafters.
  • Something good is to be said for no TV and no street lights.
  • The mixed vegetables al dente at Trei – green pepper, carrots, bok choy – are absolute perfection!
  • The sun in Cambodia is even more scorching than New Zealand’s.
  • Nothing escapes a Cambodian and they do appreciate honest souls.

I leave Kep tomorrow and head back to Phnom Penh.  Think you have to stay here awhile to really “get” the place. It’s a pretty cool fishing village that I am very happy to have experienced!


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